Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DAY ONE, Tues. april 5 2011

My oldest son and I checking out the sites
on the way home from Florida.
Well I guess I'll just start off by saying hello and thank you for checking out my blog.This is the first blog I have ever had. I'm not normally the type to talk (or write) about how I "feel" about certain subjects or what I'm doing on a day-to-day basis in this kind of format. I do however, love to write about how I feel in poems or song lyrics or write short stories or movie ideas, and have since I was a kid. But I've decided that has got to change If I'm ever to get out of the situation I am currently in. I am the father of two amazingly handsome and silly little boys and married to a very tough and smart woman. We have currently been fighting with the bank (name of bank withheld but should be obvious to anyone in the same situation) to keep our home for the last year and a half, after my wife was then fired from her job while pregnant with our second son and later I too had falling victim to the economic downturn and lost my job a few months later. After the long song and dance of them lying, losing paperwork making false claims and going through several different negotiators etc. ,we have to decided not to fight it anymore and let them take the house and stick it in (your discretionary orifice of choice). My wife and I run an in-home daycare now to make the mortgage,and all of our living expenses. While it works for the short term it is not a realistic long term plan for us to create a better world for ourselves or our children. So I have decided to create this blog as a written commitment to myself and my family to stop letting my shyness or lack of self-esteem from time to time keep us from better ourselves and to stand against the boundaries of self-doubt created by myself or by the powers all around us, which try and enslave our minds everyday with doom, gloom, apocalyptic visions of our future and war. And I will attempt to win our freedom with creating dreams and opening up the doors to imagination and infinite possibilities and quite possibly, a scream or two. ;) all with the power of a few keystrokes.


  1. I'm sure your journey will be an enriching one, I look forward to seeing how you progress with your writing plans :)

  2. I do hope so. If only giving it try is all I get from this experience,I can at least say that I did.Thanks for the encouragement and I look forward to hearing your feedback in the future :)

  3. Keep fighting, Cooper. As far as writing goes, there's really a wonderful community of people that share your passion for the written word - a supportive one, too.

    You can learn lots by exploring other writers' blogs. I would encourage you to visit my blog and go through some of the Writer's Resources I have listed as well as great writer/bloggers like Joe Konrath and Derek Canyon.

    Let me know if I can help.


  4. Thanks Pj. I really appreciate the encouragement . I will definitely take you up on the offer of advice :)