Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well this is the end of day one. Haven't got as much as I would have liked to gotten done today. But it was a busy day. Had daycare kids by myself today. My son had to go in for his regular check up. But I did pick a story idea from my stash-box and began to try and structure it and wrote and few lines. Nothing is in stone but I feel like it may have promise to bloom into what I'm trying to achieve with the story in my mind. I just need to try and keep more focus on writing "lines", instead of writing "words". The words will give themselves to me regardless. I must not obsesses so much with the details until a full draft of concept is done. Then I can re-write and add all the magic words " abracadabra ".    :)

Here's a couple of lines from the project
I'm calling it : WASHED UP (of course still not in stone haha )

let me know what you think.


Pulsating, flashing red and blue lights fall on the face of a tearful woman as she screams the undeniable sounds of loss. The rain drenched officer tries to gently grab the woman's arm, only not in time before she falls to her knees. Writhing fits of clinching denial eat away at her instantaneously. The officer lifts her hunching dead weight,and guides her from the foyer to the plush couch sitting in the middle of her modest home. The soft Sonoran textiles offer no comfort, no rest for the racing heart trying in vain to turn back the hands of time. The rain hits the outside of the windows, bleeding out the sounds of the world.

" Mrs. Hernandez……." , whispers a faint voice.

The woman's eyes open up, blinded by the mascara running down her face and the buzzing fluorescent lights above the bright, white halls. She looks around and finds herself sitting alone in a row of empty red fiberglass chairs. Standing down the corridor is a man in a white jacket carrying an electronic tablet. Upon his jacket coat pocket, an I.D. badge.

Dr. Lewis Feingold , M.D.
Medical Examiner
Pima County Hospital

"Mrs. Hernandez we are ready for you…unless you need a little more time.", the doctor says with clarity.

Mrs. Hernandez takes her tissue and cleans up her eyes and inhales a large breath of air and slowly exhales,trying to compose herself as much as she is capable of. With a quick brush of her hair from her fingertips and a straightening of her dress, she guides her will to stand up with the elegance of a movie star.

"I'm very sorry we have to meet again under these circumstances, Mrs. Hernandez. Is there anything I can get you before we proceed? Would you like a glass of water? There is no rush ,the police are still in the middle of their investigation….", politely the doctor said before being interrupted.

"Nope, I'd like to get home as quickly as possible if you don't mind. I think I've been here enough this week, don't you? But,thank you anyway doctor". She snipped while swallowing the saddening rage and disbelief inside.

"Yes…Yes, I understand Mrs. Hernandez. Please forgive me. We'll go ahead and proceed then. If you'll just follow me please?". A little hurt by the woman's shortness with him, he shows her down the hall. Even after 30 years of service with the hospital, he knows this part of the job is never easy work. 

They walk through a surgically chromed, large set of double metal doors. Above the swinging doors a white plastic plate hangs with the word MORTUARY.
The room is filled with a familiar smell to the woman. An odor she never thought she would ever have to smell again for the rest of her life.The cold space is painted blue, the color of the death shrouds covering the cartfuls of cadavers. They approach a table covered in the standard issued sheets of the mortuary, the doctor goes toward the head of the covered body, looks up to the woman. Mrs. Hernandez's eyes begin to tear up again.

"Would you like me to remove the sheet Mrs. Hernandez or would you like a minute to yourself to identify the body"? Dr. Feingold delicately asks.

"Yes, please… a minute alone.", she replies.

I know it isn't a whole lot. I did write some more stuff for it, but its just snippets of the entire timeline of the story and a few quotes here a there. Anyway. I'm off to hopefully write some more before I hit the sack  :)

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