Thursday, April 7, 2011


LOL  going through my stash-box, I found a lovely little song I wrote in 2002 I believe. It was a parody, slight homage to goth music from the 1980's. A little inspired by the Alien Sex Fiends and Joy division, groups I still dig by the way :)

Its hilarious, as it was meant to be. So, I figured i'd share it. I actually recorded it and have it posted on Myspace.

 by: M.Cooper

I look in the mirror, Is this what I've become. A sideshow freak for everyone.
Everywhere I turn, they point and they scream. Horrified faces run away from me.
A satchel full o' make-up, for a mask to wear. I hide my face to avoid the stares.

anathema marana tha

They treat me like a plague, some kind of disease.
Their eyes are like scalpels aimed to cut me.
I try to find, a place to hide, a cold black void inside my mind.......

Then she appears , like a mist in the clear. Kneels over me and wipes the tears.
I've never seen a angel dressed up in black. But there is no use in turning back.
She leads me to her dungeon, her house of hell. If I only had a soul to sell
I would give it freely to my queen. My newly found sweet evil fiend.

anathema marana tha

She lays her mouth, softly on my lips. Her eyes, an eclipse.
Her hair wraps around me like a spider's web, Am I alive or am I dead?
We embrace, disgrace, deface our bodies till we efface.
Oh, I can't believe this is happening to me. My loins are swollen, my body bleeds.
"It's not over" she says to me, the beast between her thighs still need to feed.
I stab and stab and stab at her wound. But, this dragooning won't end so soon.

anathema marana tha

Lying breathless upon the floor, with the wicked one that I adore.
The sweet scented smoke fills the room, Syzygium Aromaticum.
We take a deep breath of the tainted air. A dream-like state , without a care.
Gazing at the ceiling, with the look of doom. We shall arise with the moon.

anathema marana tha

I awake from our bed, killing head.The newest member of the living dead.
There's no sound, I take a look around. My only love can't be found.
I creep through the halls, to see where she's gone. Then I hear the Banshee's song.
I'm frozen with fear as I move near. I see her there when the fog starts to clear.
She flies at me, burning eyes of lust. I've made love to a succubus!

anathema marana tha

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip through memory lane with me. I had fun sharing. Till next time.

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  1. Nice to meet you! Seems we have quite a bit in common. Not only was a goth duting my teens, but I'm also a musician. Nice to meet you!